Haircut 2014

Medium Hair: You can also achieve the textured look with medium hair lengths, of course not to the extent of short hair but the options are still there. The back of the hairstyle is generally tapered and the sides are layered and bangs are again optional. Bangs add a great framing for any facial shape which makes this hairstyle perfect for anyone to try. This longer look allows you to still pull your hair up at times and leave it down and textured for the rest of the time. You still have the option for waves or curls but it can be a bit harder to achieve depending on the amount of layers you have.

Long Hair: Long and choppy layers can really thin out your hair and make it straighter if you have thick and uncontrollable hair. Layers enable you to still have the long locks that you love but created with a sense of definition and style that plain long hair cannot achieve. You can choose to have long and blended layers for your hair or shorter and more chopped for that added definition. Either way, this style has a way of framing your face, no matter what facial shape you posses.
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Haircut 2014
Haircut 2014
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